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Barcelona Workshops Winter 2017

I will soon be giving several 15-hour photography workshops in Barcelona. The theory classes will take place at The Catwalk studio, in Sants, in front of Plaça de l’Olivereta. Space is limited to a maximum of 12 people and each workshop is subject to a minimum number of participants. My dear friend and prestigious photography teacher Hugo Rodriguez joins this project.

For more information write me from the contact form or leave me a comment. You can also download the PDF’s below with the contents, schedules and prices.

This year, my blog has been listed as one of the 25 best photography blogs in Spanish. Also Profoto, the world leader in professional studio flash equipment has chosen me to test – prior to its worldwide launch – the fantastic D2 flashes.

Top 25 Spanish photography blogs

Profoto D2 test

Registration is now open!

Strobist workshop

The objective of the workshop is to show the various techniques for light control with reportage flashes. In March 2006 David Hobby started a blog called “Strobist” where he explains these techniques. Time magazine has named it one of the best blogs of 2010.

Isarrualde Workshops

Portrait Lighting

Aimed at all those who want to expand their knowledge of lighting applied to portraiture, whether it is the portrait of the author or commissioned for editorial media (magazines) or advertising.

Isarrualde Photography

Advanced color management

If you are looking to learn at once how to manage color from the beginning of your workflow (RAW development) to the end (electronic or paper publication), this workshop will provide you with concrete solutions for all those cases.

You will learn, among other things, why colors change, how a color is actually described (in absolute terms) and how to control it with the help of color profiles. No prior knowledge of color management is required; start “from scratch”.


Digital capture and development Capture One

This course is aimed at all those amateurs or professionals who think they know how to achieve a truly high quality and yet, even with advanced equipment and knowledge of the RAW format, are dissatisfied with the results.

It will be a theoretical-practical workshop in which several topics will be addressed. Advanced camera handling, exposing and correcting the dominants really well in digital, correctly developing a RAW and improving the overall quality of the image. In short, get a perfect RAW and from it, an extraordinary final quality with CaptureOne Pro.






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