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Cocina de invierno
Food photography is one of the most difficult photographic techniques in commercial photography as it requires meticulous preparation, composition and lighting. We see photos of food every day, from the menu of a restaurant menu, to the packaging of products in supermarkets, or reports in food magazines.
Two of my uncles have worked in automobile factories and three of my cousins have studied industrial mechanics for a few years. Although my vocation was far from there, I have always liked tools and machines. Automatic industrial systematization based on electricity, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics have produced fascinating machines that remind me of Fritz Lang's futuristic film Metropolis, a
Taller de fotografía Strobist en Barcelona, España
As part of the Fashion course that I teach every year at CITM (Polytechnic University of Barcelona) I had already worked with Yana, a Russian model. The result of her work in class was very good and I decided to work with her again in a session I did to test the Godox portable flash equipment on the street.
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