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Euforia is a musical talent competition that aims to find the best new singer in Catalonia, Spain. It was first broadcast on March 3, 2022, on TV3, with an initial planned participation of 15 singers in the first season, which eventually became 16 in the second and third seasons.
A speedlite flash unit allows you to add more light to a scene and control the illumination of the subject. They are useful in low light conditions, but can also transform images in bright sunny conditions by filling in shadows and helping to balance exposure throughout the scene. Up to this point, its usual use.
Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny was a Spanish composer and one of the most significant innovators and disseminators of contemporary music in Catalonia. His work spans several areas, from conventional scoring to graphic scoring, from the use of computers to composition based on mathematical algorithms and theories of chance. In addition to being one of the pioneers in Spain in the
Modelo en Barcelona Studios off camera flash
The session took place on the sets of Barcelona Studios, one of the largest in the city. It was a class of Fashion Photography in studio, within the Professional Photography Course of the Seeway School. This time we wanted to work with continuous light and not with flashes, the usual light source in studio photography.
More than fifteen years ago I made a book with Circo Raluy and since then a story of friendship has begun that continues to this day. During their visit to Barcelona a few months ago, I worked with them on a wide range of photographs. I had to photograph the show, but also portray the artists and photograph some of
Reflex umbrella
In this blog I talk about my work and not that of other photographers, but there are exceptions that confirm the rule. Annie Leibovitz is a photographer I admire and in my Portraiture and Fashion classes I teach her work quite often. As a fan of his, a teacher of lighting techniques and a portrait professional, I couldn't help but
Every manufacturer of professional studio flashes has a complete range of accessories for all the necessary contrast and lighting range possibilities. Among so many accessories there is one that I particularly like and that is the Beauty Dish.
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