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Euforia is a musical talent competition that aims to find the best new singer in Catalonia, Spain. It was first broadcast on March 3, 2022, on TV3, with an initial planned participation of 15 singers in the first season, which eventually became 16 in the second and third seasons.
Shooting with AD S200 Godox flash and P90L softbox
There are the fantastic lights, both continuous and flash, from Briese and other brands, at quite high prices. Now a simple but very effective version from Godox, the AD S200 light sword, has just been released.
Godox Lux Junior model - Marcelo Isarrualde
The name of my blog has been "off-camera flash" for 12 years. This is because I like to work with the flash off the hot shoe of the camera. However, on many photo shoots I have to work with the fash placed on the hot shoe, for various reasons. For many famous photographers such as Weegee or Ron Galella in
The Stormtroopers are presented within the Star Wars universe, provided with a white metallic armor that covers them completely and are responsible for maintaining order in the galaxy. In the series, these stormtroopers served as reminders of the Emperor's power, extensions of his will, and a method of keeping the Empire's hundreds of star systems under the yoke of fear.
A speedlite flash unit allows you to add more light to a scene and control the illumination of the subject. They are useful in low light conditions, but can also transform images in bright sunny conditions by filling in shadows and helping to balance exposure throughout the scene. Up to this point, its usual use.
Josep Maria Mestres Quadreny was a Spanish composer and one of the most significant innovators and disseminators of contemporary music in Catalonia. His work spans several areas, from conventional scoring to graphic scoring, from the use of computers to composition based on mathematical algorithms and theories of chance. In addition to being one of the pioneers in Spain in the
The Godox Ring 72 is equipped with 72 daylight-balanced 5600K LEDs with ten adjustable brightness levels. But its great peculiarity is that it has two controls for each half of the circle of light, with which we can leave the usual monotonous flat light of this type of lights and create volume, even working with a front light position.
Modelo en Barcelona Studios off camera flash
The session took place on the sets of Barcelona Studios, one of the largest in the city. It was a class of Fashion Photography in studio, within the Professional Photography Course of the Seeway School. This time we wanted to work with continuous light and not with flashes, the usual light source in studio photography.
More than fifteen years ago I made a book with Circo Raluy and since then a story of friendship has begun that continues to this day. During their visit to Barcelona a few months ago, I worked with them on a wide range of photographs. I had to photograph the show, but also portray the artists and photograph some of
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