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Every manufacturer of professional studio flashes has a complete range of accessories for all the necessary contrast and lighting range possibilities. Among so many accessories there is one that I particularly like and that is the Beauty Dish.
Two of my uncles have worked in automobile factories and three of my cousins have studied industrial mechanics for a few years. Although my vocation was far from there, I have always liked tools and machines. Automatic industrial systematization based on electricity, electronics, hydraulics and pneumatics have produced fascinating machines that remind me of Fritz Lang's futuristic film Metropolis, a
Taller de fotografía Strobist en Montevideo, Uruguay
The Miguelete Jail was inaugurated in 1888 and functioned as such until 1990. It was built on the model of an English prison in Pentonville, which had been built in 1840 and consisted of 4 pavilions with 3 floors and 30 cells each.
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