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Godox Lux Junior model - Marcelo Isarrualde
The name of my blog has been "off-camera flash" for 12 years. This is because I like to work with the flash off the hot shoe of the camera. However, on many photo shoots I have to work with the fash placed on the hot shoe, for various reasons. For many famous photographers such as Weegee or Ron Galella in
The Stormtroopers are presented within the Star Wars universe, provided with a white metallic armor that covers them completely and are responsible for maintaining order in the galaxy. In the series, these stormtroopers served as reminders of the Emperor's power, extensions of his will, and a method of keeping the Empire's hundreds of star systems under the yoke of fear.
More than fifteen years ago I made a book with Circo Raluy and since then a story of friendship has begun that continues to this day. During their visit to Barcelona a few months ago, I worked with them on a wide range of photographs. I had to photograph the show, but also portray the artists and photograph some of
Chelista valenciana
I met Margarita Cantó on the occasion of a music contest at the Caixa Forum. She lives in Valencia and when I had the opportunity to be in town for a few days, I contacted her for a photo shoot.
La sesión se realizó en las callejuelas del Barrio Gótico de Barcelona.
The session took place in the narrow streets of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. It was a fashion photography class in outdoor location, with natural light and fash, taught for the Master of Photography at the Elisava school, Escuela Universitaria de Diseño e Ingeniería, a teaching center of the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.
Lost in time con Godox AD300 Pro
The session was conceived as if it were about a girl from the sixties who suddenly finds herself in a current, contemporary environment, and therefore, somewhat lost. I was interested in highlighting the clothes and the look of those years and contrast it with modern architecture, metal and glitter, or dark passages. An urban portrait, with some references to the
Sesión moda kimonoff
Kimonoff is a new brand of kimonos "from home". The idea is to replace the classic bathrobe with a more elegant, casual and kimono-inspired style. As this is not a garment to go out of the house, the idea was to do the session in a house. I wanted to contrast the elegance and colorfulness of the fabrics with the
Chica flotando en el agua e iluminada con flashes Profoto
After a while the blog posts reappear. The pause has been due to my collaboration with the Profoto blog, a brand for which I am an ambassador. The first post I did for the brand coincided with the arrival of Spring. I thought of making a photograph that would somehow commemorate this season, when nature wakes up from the long
The photograph was taken for the packaging of a dermocellular repair cream. It was commissioned by the design studio By Talking in Barcelona. The briefing was very clear, precise and gave no room for error. It was about photographing the back of a girl who had sunbathed too much. The difficulty of the assignment was to take the photograph at
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