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More than fifteen years ago I made a book with Circo Raluy and since then a story of friendship has begun that continues to this day. During their visit to Barcelona a few months ago, I worked with them on a wide range of photographs. I had to photograph the show, but also portray the artists and photograph some of
Chelista valenciana
I met Margarita Cantó on the occasion of a music contest at the Caixa Forum. She lives in Valencia and when I had the opportunity to be in town for a few days, I contacted her for a photo shoot.
La sesión se realizó en las callejuelas del Barrio Gótico de Barcelona.
The session took place in the narrow streets of Barcelona's Gothic Quarter. It was a fashion photography class in outdoor location, with natural light and fash, taught for the Master of Photography at the Elisava school, Escuela Universitaria de Diseño e Ingeniería, a teaching center of the Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona.
Todos los presentadores de la nueva temporada de TV3
The challenge of this assignment was to photograph 26 people at the same time, all presenters of different TV programs of TV3, the Catalan Television. The set had been set up a day earlier to cover the entire shooting area with homogeneous lighting.
Sesión de fotos para Profoto en Top Studios de Barcelona
Some time ago Profoto proposed me to do a workshop on lighting techniques with their equipment. The aim was to test everything from very powerful equipment to simple and practical equipment that is easy to move. We had the invaluable collaboration of Tops Studios, in Barcelona, who in addition to allowing us to work in the huge facilities they have,
Serie Merli de TV3 y Netflix
Merli is a Spanish television series broadcast by the Catalan channel TV3. The series is about a philosophy teacher of the same name, who encourages his students to think freely through unorthodox methods, which will divide the opinions of the class, faculty and families. Each episode includes the views of a great thinker or school of thought, which ties in
Hotel Olha en Barcelona, Catalunya Radio
The session was commissioned by the Catalan Corporation of Audiovisual Media for Catalunya Radio. The idea was to take a group photo of the main presenters of the radio station who will be with us all summer long on the radio. Many location options were considered for this summer idea, but in the end we chose the terrace of the
Chica flotando en el agua e iluminada con flashes Profoto
After a while the blog posts reappear. The pause has been due to my collaboration with the Profoto blog, a brand for which I am an ambassador. The first post I did for the brand coincided with the arrival of Spring. I thought of making a photograph that would somehow commemorate this season, when nature wakes up from the long
Luis Raluy en su circo
16 years ago I met Circo Raluy, Luis and his beloved family. Soon after we started taking pictures in his circus we decided to make a book. The years have passed, her family has grown and we have seen each other from time to time. For some time now I have had the idea of producing another book with them,
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