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Mateo Tikas posando en el barrio gótico
I have lived in Barcelona for 26 years and a week after arriving in Spain I lived at my friend Mateo's house for three months. We did not know each other, but in Madrid I had been told about him as a very supportive Uruguayan who was well known and esteemed by the whole community of compatriots in Catalonia.
La ventana indiscreta
The photograph of the window was taken during a Strobist workshop class in Montevideo last year. It reminded me of the famous Hitchcock movie, where a photojournalist is forced to stay at rest with a leg in plaster. Despite the company of his girlfriend and his nurse, he tries to escape the tedium by observing from the window of his
Photography workshop
A couple of months ago, I gave another workshop on the Strobist technique at GrisArt, International School of Photography, in Barcelona. This time we were able to count on the facilities of a farmhouse in the same city, near the airport. The rooms of this location have been transformed into rooms with very different styles, with the purpose of being
Every manufacturer of professional studio flashes has a complete range of accessories for all the necessary contrast and lighting range possibilities. Among so many accessories there is one that I particularly like and that is the Beauty Dish.
Some time ago we visited with a group of GrisArt students, the studio of artist Jordi Rocosa in Barcelona. The studio is located in a huge industrial building in Cornellà full of sculptures, many of them linked to his project "Excèntrics plàstics", mobile sculptures that move through public spaces with the participation of the viewer. The transporter, creator of the
Sesión Strobist en la Asociación Uruguaya de Boxeo
A few years ago, maybe more than fifteen, my dear friend Pepi, showed me a place I knew I would like. It was the Uruguayan Boxing Association and there I met Antonio Canedo, a great fighter trainer. During three summers, I did a few photo sessions that can be summarized in my Boxing Club portfolio; but this time I asked
Taller de fotografía Strobist en Montevideo, Uruguay
The following images were taken during the practical sessions of the Strobist workshop I gave in Montevideo, Uruguay, last August. The idea of the class was to teach the extremes of lighting, setting up different sets with hard or soft main lights.
Taller de fotografía Strobist. off camera flash, en Uruguay
Almost a year ago I was watching all three seasons of American Horror Story. I had a lot of fun and I liked the aesthetics, especially the first season. The promotional posters showed walls with frayed old wallpaper and a soft, intimate light that I really liked.
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