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Every season new trends appear in the fashion world and they do so with great force. And one of the main trends of last autumn – winter has been the tartan print. This wool fabric with plaids or cross lists of Scottish origin can be of various colors, although the most common are usually dark red, blue and green. What began as a male garment used to cover the body of the Scots in the sixteenth century, ended up becoming, in the 70’s, the reference of a unique musical culture thanks to bands like “Sex Pistols” or “The Clash”.

The session took place in a modernist house in Vilassar de Mar, near Barcelona. The artists who participated in this architectural movement of the late nineteenth century, were inspired by nature and curvilinear forms and Can Vicentó, a house of this time where we work, is proof of this.

The first photos were taken on the porch, under a vine. In the center there is an original fountain with a fountain and a birdhouse. Natural light was coming from the garden, which covered the model’s back with light, but her face was in shadow. I placed a Godox AD300 Pro flash in front of the model with an AD-S85S parabola. The advantage of this flash is that it can be used with battery power, which was very convenient for moving the light around the site. In turn, the AD-S85S parabolic modifier generated a soft, enveloping, but somewhat directed light, which highlighted the model’s features.

Godox AD 300 Pro

The second photo was taken on the same porch but in this case the model was facing the light, so the lighting situation was simpler. However, I decided to use the parabolic modifier again to maintain the quality of the light and give coherence to the report.

Godox AD-S85S

The third photograph, this time with two models, required more lighting surface. Here, too, the AD-S85S parabola was very effective and counteracted the natural light coming in from the side of the models.

Once through the porch on the first floor there is a refreshing garden with a palm tree, pines, magnolia, orange and tangerine trees. In short, an oasis of greenery in the historic center of Vilassar de Mar.

Once in the garden, for the next image I used the flash as the main light because the cap left the eyes of one of the models in shadow. Here the lighting ratio was zero, as I didn’t want the flash to be too noticeable in the photo.

When the light fell, I tried to make sure that the flash was not noticeable and I used it only to fill shadows on the left side, since the sunset light was coming from the right.

Lighting scheme of an outdoor fashion shoot in a modernist house in Vilassar de Mar. lighting scheme I

Lighting scheme of an outdoor fashion shoot with Godox accessories.Lighting scheme II

Lighting scheme of an outdoor fashion shoot among bushes with strobist technique in Vilassar de Mar. Lighting scheme III

Lighting scheme of a fashion shoot on location with reportage flash in Vilassar de Mar.Lighting scheme IV

Lighting scheme of an outdoor fashion shoot in Vilassar de MarLighting diagram V


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