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Montevideo Workshops Summer 2014

In mid-December I will give two 15-hour workshops in Montevideo. The theoretical classes will be held at Fundación Unión, located in front of Plaza Independencia. Space is limited to a maximum of 15-18 people and each workshop is subject to a minimum number of participants.
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Registration is now open!

Strobist workshop

The objective of the workshop is to show the various techniques for light control with reportage flashes. In March 2006 David Hobby started a blog called “Strobist” where he explains these techniques. Time magazine has named it one of the best blogs of 2010.

Photography Workshop 05


Basic lighting techniques

It is aimed at those who have a basic background in photography but have not come into contact with flash lighting. We will learn how to use light as a creative tool, its characteristics, how to measure its intensity and the resources to model it.

Photography Workshop


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