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Técnicas de iluminación en fotografía

Love Rooms

My first exhibition, Fotografías Heterogéneas (1986), marked with its
name the diversity of the themes and technics that I since then have
been developing. But most of all it represented the multiplicity of
interests and obsessions associated with my youth.

Intermittently my work has been linked to childhood, to the world of
games, and the idea of space or place. Two of my latest projects,
Stiletto and Love Rooms, are linked to the idea of photography as a
part of the construction of sex. I like the paraphernalia that enacts
the fantastic conception of sexuality, where the circumstances of the
real are on the border to the surreal, where reality and fantasy both
are formed by subjective assessments of one single object of desire.

The Stiletto series is developed on the idea of looking, centered on
the desire, exhibitionism, and is linked to that place where the
pursuit of pleasure sometimes only can be achieved by the eye.

Love Rooms is a series about the spaces representing the erotic play
in the world. Scenes from Montevideo have been used as areas of
reminiscences of other places, utopian and desired territories.

Marcelo Isarrualde

Barcelona, agosto de 2011.

Colección Engelman Ost

November 21 to December 9, 2011.

Nave espacial © Marcelo Isarrualde

Love © Marcelo Isarrualde

La Selva © Marcelo Isarrualde

Picapiedras © Marcelo Isarrualde

Moulin Rouge © Marcelo Isarrualde

Mondrian © Marcelo Isarrualde

Gladiator © Marcelo Isarrualde

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