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Strobist kit 4

What to do with the equipment of compact studio flashes that I usually use ? Well, leave it for the sessions when I need more power , a more rapid recharge, continues light , when I have means of transport or for sessions where the weight is not an issue. A Strobist equipment and an equipment of studio flashes are not incompatible, they are just different solutions for different situations.

Bracket-EP-Designs EP Design

But luckily there are accessories to optimize the equipments that I have at my disposal ! Many mount manufacturers work to make it possible to use the full range of accessories of studio lighting with hotshoe-mounted external flashes . I have a Bowens equipment, and with an adapter from Fomex I can use my flashes Metz 32 CT3 and Yongnuo 560 with all my Bowens accessories !


Fomex Fomex adapter

To do this I use an aluminum frame that I made many years ago. This way I can double the power by placing two Metz flashes together. The possibilities of adapting a particular accessory to an external hotshoe flash are many. For example , the Mola Beauty Dish …and they alrady have their adapter ! I used these fantastic reflectors a few days ago and the result is amazing . Shortly I ‘ll post an entry about them.

Mola-Lumi-bracket Mola Lumi

It is worth noting that the models of hotshoe flashes that doesn’t have the torch covered work very well for all these accessories. The accessories that are directional, as is the case of those emitting a harsh and direct light – like the snoot, honeycombs , etc., – work very well with any external hotshoe flash. But when we want a multidirectional lighting is preferable to use flashes with an uncovered head.

 Kacey-adapter © elv0000

The Quantum flashes, the 120J model from Sunpak or some flashes from Norman allow the light to radiate in a wider beam than conventional hotshoe flashes, whose light beam is narrower .

Sunpak-120J  Quantum-trio

In any case, it is useful to have adapters that allow the use of high-end accessories for studio flashes together with our Strobist kit.

Flash-bracket  Kacey bracket    © Pentode

What to do if we need even more power ? We can use multiple adapters that allow us to work with multiple flashes at the same time , togehter with an umbrella , a diffuser or a light box!

Umbrella-tri Umbrella tri

Tri-bracket Tri bracket

Skylite Mc Nally Joe McNally Skylite Kit

Or four flashes in one adapter and two Jackrabbit II batteries from Dynalite !

Four-bracket © Paul Peregrine

Compact batteries

When we talk about studio flashes we tend to think about more than 500 W / s … And if we have a very compact and lightweight flash, 500 W /s , with a separate battery?

Freelander-500-battery Jinbei Freelander 500

Freelander-500-umbrella Jinbei Freelander 500

Or even better, if the reflector can be removed and it turns out to have a Bowens S bayonet !

Godox-EX600 Godox EX600

Godox-EX-reflector Godox EX series

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