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My DIY battery

For practical reasons, whenever I can I work with external camera flashes and leave my Bowens studio flashes at home to work on more elaborated pictures. With the external flash, despite having less power and not having a modeling light I am able to get similar lighting conditions. If it is not required for the assignment, why carrying a bigger equipment?

Little by little I equipped myself with a “strobist” light kit and even made my own battery. So today I am happy to introduce you to my DIY battery that I built this summer.

If you have a look at Internet, you will find many sites with examples of people that have made their own batteries. Here I give you some links that I found very useful when I was building mine.

Battery 01

Battery 02

Battery 03

Battery 04

Battery 05

Battery 06

Battery 07

As you can see I have put a fuse, a switch and a charger connector. If I decide to work again on another prototype I will also add a couple of leds as the battery Charge indicator. But so far this requires more time than I actually have. !

If you don’t feel like making your own, I have seen some more affordable models than Quantum, like Phottix PPL-200 or Godox Power Pack PB820.”

My DIY battery.pdf

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