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Técnicas de iluminación en fotografía

Strobist kit 2

Off-camera flash

Strobist mode means, in most cases, that you remove the flash from the hot shoe of the camera. In English this is called “off-camera flash.” This allows us to place the light in the angle we find most convenient to model the appearance of a face or change a reflection when making a still life.

 Gemini Arm

In some situations we may want the flash to be positioned above the camera, but not in the hot shoe of the body of the camera.Then it is very useful to have what is called a Grip Head that allows you to put on, as an arm, any extension of the Manfrotto 1122, or arms such as Lastolite or Elinchrom.

Kupo Grip Head Kupo Grip Head

Manfrotto 1122 © Marcelo Isarrualde Manfrotto 1122

Avenger boom arm 001 © Marcelo Isarrualde Lastolite boom arm

The Manfrotto 1122 extension is very useful for situations where we need to extend the height range of our foot as  the Manfrotto 152 adapter can link it with rigidity.

Manfrotto 152 © Marcelo Isarrualde Manfrotto 152

Clamps and Clips

Sometimes it is not possible to place the foot of the flash where we want, or maybe we do not have another foot. A clamp as the Manfrotto 035 is perfect for catching from almost any place and through a pin-type Manfrotto 013 double-pass we can attach it to the universal umbrella head Manfrotto 026, or similar metal hinges.

Manfrotto 035 + 152 + 026 Manfrotto 035 + 013 + 026

Another very comfortable and versatile option is the magic arm with a Nano clamp.

Magic Arm with clamp © Marcelo Isarrualde   Magic Arm with Nano clamp

If the flash not is too heavy you can also use a Manfrotto clamp 175F or a similar one, that counts with a cold shoe for the flash to be placed directly on it.

Manfrotto 175F © Marcelo Isarrualde Manfrotto 175F

At times I have found myself in situations where I had to place a flash in the ceiling and there is no chance if it is a typical ceiling with gypsum modules. In these cases the ceiling clamps such as those that manufacture Arri or Kupo are great!

Kupo KD302012 Master © Marcelo Isarrualde Kupo KD302012 Master

If the flash is not very heavy you can place it in a suction clamp like Manfrotto 241 and place it on to glass or any nonporous surface.

Manfrotto 241 © Marcelo Isarrualde Manfrotto 241

Finally, if we have the invaluable help of an assistant, we can work with much more comfortable using an arm of the boom type from Elinchrom or improvise a more economical one using a bar that you can extend, like those used by painters, along with Kacey adapter.

Elinchrom Boom arm © Marcelo Isarrualde Elinchrom boom armKacey adapter © Marcelo Isarrualde Kacey adapter

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