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Not everything is light or Photoshop

Last year in December, I decided to make a Christmas card with a vintage look, in which also the city of Barcelona could be recognized. After giving it quite some thought, I took a picture of the city’s amusement park, at the mountain of Tibidabo…adding to the composition a tin Santa Claus!

Santa at Tibidabo © Marcelo Isarrualde

Amusement parks are a recurrent subject in my author’s work, around which I have two series of photographs.The first one, entitled “Rodó Park”, deals with a fairground where I used to go when I was a child. A few years later went back to the same place to take the series “Bismarck, el Hombre Araña uruguayo“. For years I have been a keen collector of “tin toys” and thought that a tin Santa could look cool, as if it was another attraction in the park. I browsed in internet and found the perfect one. Once I had it, headed to Tibidabo to take the shoots.

I wanted to work with natural light and waited till dusk to get long shadows with a reddish hue that I needed. To take this picture it was key to match up the perspective in both captures in order to make the photomontage easier for the retouchers.

Tibidabo Park  © Marcelo Isarrualde   Santa at Tibidabo Park © Marcelo Isarrualde

Finally, I wanted the picture to have a selective blur that would give it a rather unusual look. Because I didn’t want to leave it to be worked at post-production, I thought I would use a tilt&shift or perspective control lens. But, I didn’t have any, so I decide to build it myself!

I tried with different old lenses that I have at home. The best one was an old, but excellent Componon 1:5,6/80 enlarger lens. It’s medium format ring wouldn’t cause vignetting in a 35mm full frame sensor.

The final project © Marcelo Isarrualde

It was time to think on how to make a bellows like the one in optical bench cameras. I looked for it at Aironfix™, ConTact™, (I don’t know the name of their equivalents in every country). The most difficult was to wait until the different Canon adapter threads and bayonets arrived from Hong Kong!

Parts © Marcelo Isarrualde

Parts © Marcelo Isarrualde

Final project © Marcelo Isarrualde

Final project © Marcelo Isarrualde

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