Head in a freezer

Some months ago I was in Montevideo, Uruguay, where I exhibited
my latest personal project – Love Rooms – and where I also did
workshops on the subject “strobist” techniques for two groups on the
occasion of the workshops organized for the Fotograma 2011, an
international photography encounter. Four practical classes and three
theoretical classes were realized, and during the first practical
practice this picture was made.

Head in a freezer © Marcelo isarrualde  Model Laura Martinelli

A friend of mine had got permission for me to work comfortably in an
abandoned spa facility, and in one of the corners inside this spa
center I saw an old fridge that inspired me to take a photo. The
natural light on the place was very good, but it came from behind of
the model.

Head in a freezer © Marcelo isarrualde

I decided to decrease the contrast with a translucent umbrella, from
the left of the camera and in this way balance the ratios of light to
Ratio 0.

Head in a freezer © Marcelo isarrualde

I opened the fridge and decided to take a picture where the model took
something out from it or looked if there was something inside of it.
That was when I realized how dirty the environment was and how worn
out the fridge was… You could only find something strange in there!

Head in a freezer © Marcelo isarrualde

I liked the result. For the light in the refrigerator to be the main
lighting of the scene I decided to underexpose the ambient light -2
EV. The light of the refrigerator lacked of character, which I gave it
by placing a green gelatin on the flash that I had put inside of the
fridge. In this way the color would emphasize the morbid theme.

Head in a freezer © Marcelo isarrualde

Head in a freezer © Marcelo isarrualde

Finally, the wall in the background needed another tone and therefor I
decided to use a second flash, a Yongnuo 560, with blue gelatin from
Rosco. The interesting thing with the result was to see on the screen
of the camera, once the photo was made, how the picture had changed
from what we had seen before the flashes were fired off and before we
underexposed the atmosphere.

Head in a freezer © Marcelo isarrualde

Lighting diagram © Marcelo Isarrualde  Lighting diagram

Head in a freezer.pdf

Strobist Workshop

For more than 20 years I have given classes and workshops on the subject of photography. I started in Uruguay, giving basic classes together with my great friend Guillermo Robles, and after a year in New York where I during a short time of period worked in the ICP, I settled in Barcelona.

I have been teaching photojournalism, architectural photography, history of photography, author development projects, and in recent years, I have given various lighting courses, from a basic to a professional level.

Some months ago I traveled to Uruguay since the CMDF very generously invited me to exhibit my latest personal project during the festival Fotograma 2011, and also to provide a technical workshop on Strobist in Montevideo. That is the place where I started my first classes and I was very excited to go back – even for a few days – and contribute with some of my experience.

In this post there are no PDF-schemes … but soon I will share the sessions that I will do there!

Strobist technique © Marcelo Isarrualde  Model: Gemma Cadenas

Strobist © Marcelo Isarrualde